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<![CDATA[Hard Drive vs Plasma Cutter]]>Tue, 27 Apr 2021 17:30:09 GMThttp://ripspinningdisks.com/hard-drive-destruction-blog/hard-drive-vs-plasma-cutterHave  you ever seen a computer hard drive burst into flames?
I traveled to Crawford's Welding in Martinsburg, WV to film this one.  Right off the bat I sensed the passion that I have for my work.  I said, "You know what you can do with metal I can do with a computer!"
Within minutes, I literally watched Stacey fabricate a broken piece for a snow blower out of what seemed to be almost nothing. I saw myself working with a computer and a PowerShell window—only his tools were a welder and metal.  The exact same passion!  I definitely know where I am going if I have any welding needs.

Check out Crawford's Welding on Facebook!

The idea here was to cut through an old hard drive with a plasma cutter.  I really didn't expect it to burst into flames! It was EPIC!

<![CDATA[Hard Drive Skeet Shooting]]>Sat, 17 Apr 2021 16:20:49 GMThttp://ripspinningdisks.com/hard-drive-destruction-blog/hard-drive-skeet-shooting

​This is the one that is a little over the top. First, a little backstory. I was 16 years old and vacationing in the Outer Banks. I stopped in a store and noticed a three-person water balloon slingshot for $20. I had to have it, especially for $20. The next logical step was to try it out. We went up on the balcony of the beach front rental property. My uncle's brother says "I'm going to the beach. See if you can hit me!" We had no idea what was going to happen next. We were thinking that it's just a water balloon, he is just going to get wet. I launched the first water balloon that missed to the left. The second one I launched missed to the right.  My uncle launched the third one. Immediately he shouts "I got him". One thousand one, one thousand two, he hit his brother square in the chest. Think about the perspective from others on the beach. There is a random person on the beach by himself smiling and laughing. All of the sudden, he blurts out and drops to his knees. Everyone at the beach started gathering around him wondering what was wrong. He returned to the beach house with an imprint of his shirt on his chest. We all were really lucky that day and learned some very valuable lessons. By the way, he was OK!

Fast forward 30 years later. Folks have always joked about skeet shooting old hard drives to get rid of them. I got this idea to build a hard drive launcher called the "Storage Slinger". First, I picked up a three-person slingshot from Amazon only for $20. The wheels started turning. How can I launch a hard drive with the slingshot using only one person? I mounted the slingshot on an old piece of scaffolding that was laying around my grandfather's house since I was a kid. All I did was paint it green to freshen it up. Next, I bought a cheap winch from Harbor Freight that had a Bluetooth remote, and, I also needed to build a release mechanism for the slingshot. I did a little research and picked up all of the parts at the local hardware store. The finishing step was launch trials. Very soon I was able to launch baseballs over 100 yards. I had fun with it for a couple weeks while showing everyone that came over to the house,  "Hey, watch this!"

Finally, the next major hurdle was actually filming the skeet shooting.  I had some help from friends securing a field and transporting the "Storage Slinger". Someone had mentioned that this was much more of a production than what they thought it would be.   We were out there for a couple hours and it was just good old-fashioned fun!

​It was also funny to see this dog going nuts as orange hard drives were flying through the air!

​Here are some more pics from the event: